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Our Story

The People’s Parlor is a passion project for Aaliyah Al-Mahdi. With a lifelong devotion to hospitality and bringing people together, she’s seen the benefits of creating close-knit communities in business, through her membership in non-profits, and during her time serving in the military.


Always the planner among her friends, she has, since her early twenties, been working to bring her passion for hospitality to life in a public way. The People’s Parlor is an expression of that - a way to celebrate the cosmopolitan and refined in her adopted home of Tacoma.


How will she know if she’s a success? If the first thing people say at the end of the night is: “when’s the next event?”


Everyone should get a chance to work with someone like Aaliyah. She is equal parts dreamer and doer. She has an ambitious imagination and palpable love for her city. Once she catches a vision, she goes after it like there's no tomorrow. Aaliyah and the People's Parlor are injecting this city with a brilliant new vibe that you just want to be around, and invite your friends into.


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